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Vietnam is experiencing its fourth wave of the coronavirus pandemic. The Delta variant has ripped through the country and Ho Chi Minh City has been hardest hit.

Malnourished children in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam need your support. 

Since 23 August, Ho Chi Minh City has been in complete lockdown, where residents are forbidden from leaving their homes – even to shop for food, or exercise. Soldiers are enforcing stay at home orders and helping with limited food deliveries. 

These restrictions to control the spread of COVID-19 have forced millions of migrant workers into great hardship, destitution and hunger. Mothers are struggling to feed their babies because of poor diet, leaving thousands of children malnourished.

The Jesuits in Vietnam recently launched ‘The Charity Rice and Food Supplies’ project to support families in crises and to date, they have distributed food to 15,000 families and provided milk to 2,000 children. 

However, the desperate need remains. Any gift you can make – no matter how big or small – will bring hope to these families and their young children. 

$60,000 will provide 3,000 children with enough milk for the next three months.  

Please consider donating today. 

A $20 tin of powdered milk can literally save a child’s life.