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Our shared mission

From 10-14 June, Jesuit Mission's programs team hosted our partners meeting in Siem Reap, Cambodia with 52 Jesuit and lay collaborators from across South-East Asia and India.

The meeting was another wonderful opportunity to review current practices and increase our knowledge in areas of safeguarding, community development, planning and program management. The program reinvigorated our collaborative mission and commitment to ensuring that effective and responsible practices are upheld by all partners in all of their programs.

"As one of the organisers of the meeting, I feel humbled every day to work and share our mission with so many amazing people!” said Kath Rosic, International Programs Director.

"The first 2.5 days were dedicated to Strengthening Safeguarding Practices across our partner institutions and in the field. In the following days, participants had the opportunity to learn more about business management and planning, embedding mission through the Ignatian identity and a strengths-based approach to community development,” said Kath.

The feedback was overwhelmingly positive. Participants appreciated the opportunity to connect face-to-face, network, learn new skills, build on their knowledge, gain experience, and be exposed to like-minded individuals working towards the same mission of creating positive change.

The meeting was a great opportunity to collaborate and form friendships with people from different countries, to share and learn from each other’s experiences in Jesuit ministries around the world.

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