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Fostering Dreams

"I feel happy studying at school. I enjoy learning how to read and write with my friends,” said Samaira, a second grade school student at Tenuahi primary school in north-eastern India.

Thanks to your unwavering generosity, the Jesuit Mission family has made an extraordinary impact on the lives of children like Samaira. A bright and ambitious young girl from the marginalised Korwa tribe, Samaira hails from the remote Garwa district in Jharkhand, India.

While her father works as a daily wage earner far away to provide for the family, her mother takes care of the household. Her elder sisters either assist their mother or are married, leaving Samaira with significant responsibilities at home before she joined the school in 2021.

Before enrolling, Samaira’s days were spent taking care of her younger brother and helping her mother with chores, leaving little time for play or education.

"I used to carry my brother on my back, often helping my mother to fetch water from the well and assist with the cows,” said Samaira.

Samaira with her classmates.

With a radiant smile, she now dreams of becoming a nurse, and this dream is steadily becoming a reality as she takes great pride in her education. Samaira’s lifestyle has transformed; she is now eager to learn and full of hope for a better future.

Tenuahi school began modestly under a tree on 12 acres of land owned by the Hazaribag Jesuits. Since then the initiative has blossomed into a vibrant learning environment, providing quality education to over 200 enthusiastic students from the Korwa tribe. Responding to the villagers' request for better educational opportunities, the Hazaribag Jesuits established the Tenuahi primary school in April 2022. Since then, the school's reputation has spread far and wide, attracting children who are determined to pursue their education.

In 2023, thanks to the compassionate support from our Jesuit Mission family, six new classrooms were built. Your generosity is not only funding teacher salaries but also supporting training for teachers and parents and providing essential learning materials. These efforts ensure that rural children, like Samaira, have the resources and opportunities they need to achieve their dreams.

Your support makes a tangible difference, bringing hope and education to a community in need. Samaira’s story is just one example of the countless lives transformed by your kindness. Together, we are building a brighter future, one child, one family and one community at a time.

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