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Our Impact

Our programs empower women, men and children so they can build lives free from poverty and injustice.

Our programs break cycles of poverty through teaching and education, protect the well-being of communities by providing medical care and programs that improve access to clean water and toilets, develop independent, strong communities through livelihood training and income-generating projects, and provide vulnerable individuals with pastoral care, social inclusion and advocacy.

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  • Education Our education projects focus on improving access to quality education in primary, secondary, tertiary and vocational settings. MORE
  • Livelihoods training Many of our programs help women and men learn the skills and knowledge to find employment or create their own business.MORE
  • Refugees & the displaced We aim to help displaced families rebuild, grow, live and thrive in their temporary communities and where they eventually settle.MORE
  • Health and basic rights Our projects support vulnerable families to access essential healthcare, nutrition, food, clean water, shelter, toilets and education.MORE
  • Advocacy We partner with local organisations that aim to mobilise and empower disenfranchised people to lobby for and advocate change at local, national and international levels.MORE
  • Pastoral care Our pastoral care programs provide fellowship, friendship and kinship to people who are living with discrimination, injustice and crisis.MORE