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“Since the coup, I no longer live with my family as before. Before my life was peaceful, but now I live in constant fear, uncertain of what will happen next.” –  Khine* a 17-year-old who will soon face compulsory conscription in Myanmar.

The situation in Myanmar is dangerous and unpredictable. 
We urgently need your support. 
Please contribute to our Emergency Action Fund so we can respond immediately when and where needed in the upcoming months.

Our partners in Myanmar (who will remain unnamed to protect their security) are bracing for the country’s humanitarian crisis to worsen. 

Right now, over one third of the country’s population is living in extreme need. More than 2.8 million have been forced to flee their homes, while access to basics like education, healthcare and employment is severely limited.

Our sisters and brothers in Myanmar live in constant fear as the military continues its brutal campaign for dominance. Innumerable human rights violations have been recorded in the three years since the military takeover and continue unchecked. 

This is a tragedy of our time. Now, things are set to get worse.  

In February 2024 the military junta of Myanmar announced compulsory conscription for all young men (18-35) and young women (18-27). This has sent the country into new turmoil. 

Tens of thousands have fled to the borders. Some have been able to cross into surrounding countries, but for the majority of young people the future is highly uncertain. 

Please support our Emergency Action Fund today.


Your contribution will help us respond quickly and efficiently to provide immediate aid and ongoing support to the world’s most vulnerable people.   

17-year-old Burmese girl Khine, (name changed for her security) whose life has been torn apart by the military coup now lives in desperate fear of being conscripted.

Fleeing from violence Khine became separated from her family. Where once she lived in a peaceful, loving home, studying at school and dreaming of becoming a nurse, she now hopes only to survive.

“Since the coup my school has been closed. I no longer live with my family as before. My life was peaceful, but now I am always afraid. The village where I live now is not safe. I pray I will not be conscripted. I want to run away but I have nowhere to go. –  Khine

Read more from Khine.

Our partners have been working in Myanmar for many decades and have developed trusted networks across local communities. This makes them uniquely placed to provide vital support to our Burmese brothers and sisters but also puts them in grave danger.

The military has begun targeting minority groups, including clergy, pastors and people of Christian faith. Recently a Catholic priest was ambushed and shot three times by military gunmen. Miraculously, he survived the attack.  

With your support our partners will continue to stand strong and remain by the side of the Burmese people, ready to provide vital aid and support as this crisis unfolds. 

Please show your solidarity through a contribution to our Emergency Action Fund today.


While the future remains highly uncertain for the Burmese people – especially our young sisters and brothers living with the horrific prospect of forced military conscription – your support will help ensure our partners on the ground can respond with immediate relief, and ongoing support including access to continuing education to those in crisis.   

Your contribution to our Emergency Action Fund has an important impact:   

  • $375 could provide learning materials for 30 students forced to study in camps 
  • $150 could provide emergency shelter
  • $60 could provide emergency food and medical packages for a displaced family 

Please, make your kind contribution today.


Thank you for your compassionate support.

Please join our Jesuit Mission Australia family in prayer for a swift and peaceful conclusion to this crisis in Myanmar.