Jesuit Mission News

Winter 2021 - #627
Included in this issue:
  • 'The roar of a nation' hope stirs the next generation of Myanmar
  • Breaking the chain of COVID-19 transmission in India
  • Learning never stops for cheerful children at NOSSEF
  • 70 years of the Jesuit Mission Bazaar and Maytime Fair
  • The legacy of Fr Phil Crotty SJ 1932-2021
  • 40 water stations for coastal villages in Vietnam
Summer 2021 - #626
Included in this issue:
  • Farewell to Fr Trung Nguyen SJ
  • COVID-19 response in India
  • Educating the next generation in Myanmar
  • A new beginning for prisoners in Thailand
  • Hope for those living with a disability in Cambodia
Winter 2020 - #625
Included in this issue:
  • Tears of Joy
  • Healing wounds, Warming hearts - by Fr Trung Nguyen S.J
  • Help and extraordinary hope during COVID-19
  • Reason for celebration
  • Upcoming events
Summer 2020 - #624
Included in this issue:
  • Clean water, changing lives
  • 2020 vision, clear and focused - by Fr Trung Nguyen S.J
  • Youth, the Now of God
  • Reaching high like the bamboo trees
  • The real cost of a cuppa
Winter 2019 - #623
Included in this issue:
  • Casting a lifeline in India
  • Shining the Light of Love in India
  • Responding to God's love - Reflection by Fr Trung Nguyen SJ
  • Micro-credit is transforming lives in Myanmar
  • Finding freedom in Myanmar
  • Creating change in Cambodia
Summer 2019 - #622
Included in this issue:
  • Honouring Joshua - an Australian couple's generosity resonates in India
  • Reaping the seeds of change in Cambodia
  • Love brings change in Thailand
  • A lifetime pilgrimage - Fr Bob Slattery SJ
  • Faith and Culture - Reflection by Fr Trung Nguyen SJ
Jesuit Mission Newsletter
Winter 2018 - #621
Included in this issue:
  • A symbol of hope in Kachin - responding to the conflict in Myanmar
  • Photos from Cambodia
  • Raised to new life - Reflection by Fr Trung Nguyen SJ
  • Solidarity at the Maytime Fair
  • Being with the Dalits - Fr Phil Crotty SJ

Gratitude Reports

Gratitude Report - 2020

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, 2020 was an especially challenging year around the world. Thanks to your compassion and generosity we supported 70 programs in 16 countries, providing education; emergency food and sanitation packages; and transformative livelihood programs that build the strength and resilience of our family overseas.

Our 2020 Gratitude Report highlights the determination of our project partners and beneficiaries to overcome the extended difficulties brought on by this pandemic.

As you read the Report, we invite you to reflect in the hope and transformation that you have been a part of. 

"The courage I’ve witnessed in vulnerable communities around the world during these terrible times has been truly inspiring. So too has the incredible creativity and resilience shown by our local partners who’ve risen up to respond to the many challenges presented by this ongoing crisis."

- Helen Forde, CEO 

Gratitude Report - 2019

2019 was an extraordinary year of compassion and generosity. Jesuit Mission family has put its compassion into action to support over 50 programs in 15 countries, providing education; basic essentials like clean water; and transformative livelihood programs that give vulnerable people the opportunity to create independent futures for themselves.

Our 2019 Gratitude Report highlights the stories of resilience, courage and determination that were made possible by support from all our friends.

Please join in a moment of reflection as you read the Report and share in the hope and transformation.

"It is only through your compassionate support that Jesuit Mission can accompany our vulnerable brothers and sisters overseas to enable them to build the skills, capacity and resilience they need to create lives free from poverty, injustice and indignity."

- Helen Forde, CEO 

Gratitude Report - 2018

Please enjoy the stories of change that your generosity has made possible in 2018. During the year Jesuit Mission has worked with 22 partners on the ground in 14 countries. Our partners effect change across the spheres of health and basic rights, education, leadership and capacity training, and pastoral care.

These programs break cycles of poverty through agricultural, livelihood and vocational training. They protect the well-being of communities by providing medical care, schools, food, income generating projects and improved access to clean water and toilets.

They provide refugees, asylum seekers and other vulnerable individuals with pastoral care, social inclusion, education and advocacy.

"I am so grateful to you for joining us in serving our most vulnerable sisters and brothers living in the 'margins' of our world. Your kindness will continue to effect change for years into the future."

- Helen Forde, CEO 

Gratitude Report cover
Gratitude Report - 2017

Throughout 2017, the generosity of our Australian Jesuit Mission community has enabled our Jesuit partners to reach some of the world’s most disenfranchised people.

Through these programs, we have been able to help them to build the skills, capacity and resilience needed to create and sustain lives free from poverty and injustice.

Our 2017 Gratitude Report highlights the good news stories of what we have been able to achieve by working together to support vulnerable people living in the global margins.

"I am deeply grateful for the friendship and companionship of our faithful, generous and committed co-missionaries - our volunteers, committees, schools, parishes, community groups and supporters like you - who demonstrate your love for the poor, not with words but through deeds."

- Helen Forde, CEO