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A lasting legacy

“I’ve witnessed first-hand the transformative impact that can be achieved for vulnerable communities. Including a gift in our Will to Jesuit Mission felt like the natural extension of our support.” Debbie

A life of compassion

Debbie and David were both raised in India with strong connections to the Jesuits and Ignatian spirituality. From the beginning the couple shared a commitment to service.

When they had their son, Keith, they brought him up with the same Jesuit values and spirit of service. And, like David, Keith attended a Jesuit school.

The couple’s early life took them on many adventures, and at every turn they strived to put their faith into action.

Their connection to Jesuit Mission began in 1999 when the couple moved to Melbourne and Debbie began volunteering at the Maytime Fair, our biggest fundraising event in Victoria. She loved the role and became an active member of the team, serving on the Maytime Fair Committee for many years.

The couple also put their faith into action through ongoing gifts and have recently taken the next step, including a gift in their Will to Jesuit Mission. This has given both Debbie and David real comfort, knowing that as well as taking care of the future needs of their son, they’ll be continuing to use their faith to transform the lives of vulnerable people for generations to come.

A Jesuit education

My first introduction to a Jesuit involvement was when I attended my first Jesuit school in India called St Stanislaus, in Bombay – now known as Mumbai. At that time of course, I didn’t realise it, but it moulded me into the person that I am today. What they taught me and the things they equipped me with became important tools that I used later on in life.

Our school motto was: “Born for greater things.” The important thing we learned was not to confuse greater with richer – so no matter who you were or how much you earned or what you did, you’re always meant to strive to improve yourself. The Jesuits in my school challenged us to do better, extend ourselves every day.

So once we had a son, Keith, the only thing I could think of was that he was meant to go to the same place that I have come from. And therein lies my debt. So, the way I have repaid that debt that I felt I owed the Jesuits, was by sending my son to a Jesuit school in Melbourne and bringing him up in those Jesuit traditions.” – David

Early days

“I grew up and lived in India until I was 25, when I came to Australia with David. David and I met in our first year of university in Bombay, so we’ve been together since we were 16 and we’ll both be 65 this year. We went out for nearly nine years before we got married, and then came out here to Australia. We started off in Perth and then I got involved with the Jesuits when we moved to Melbourne in ‘99. That’s when I started helping with the Maytime Fair.” – Debbie

Creating Change

Debbie and Jo at the MTF in 2013.
Debbie and Jo in Hazaribag.

“When I was working on the Maytime Fair Committee in 2013 I had the opportunity to go to Hazaribag with a friend, and we spent a week there. Then in 2016, our son Keith asked if I could accompany him and go. So I’ve made two trips to Hazaribag which was so special. It was just wonderful to see all the fundraising we do here being put into fantastic use over there.

It’s just unbelievable the work they do in the missions over there. I think you need to see it to believe it.” – Debbie

“For Keith, like us, social service is important. He’s grown up with that culture in the house.” – David

The next step

“When it comes to Jesuit Mission, we do what we can but always wish we could do more. So when we were thinking about our Wills, it [leaving a gift to Jesuit Mission] was the natural thing to do.

We are fortunate, like many others, to be able to share our resources with those who have a greater need.” – David

We sincerely thank Debbie and David for their generous support which will help poor and vulnerable communities for generations to come.

Their son Keith visited the Jesuits in Hazaribag.

If you would like to leave a lasting impact just like Debbie and David, we’d love to chat to you and provide more information. A gift in your Will can help us create real, transformational change for our sisters living in the global margins.

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