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The people of Myanmar are under attack. A reign of terror is unfolding, with over a million people displaced, forced into poverty and surviving each day in extreme uncertainty. Please contribute to the Jesuit Mission Emergency Action Fund to help bring light to our sisters and brothers living in darkness.

“The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness can never extinguish it.” – John 1:4-5.

Since the military staged a coup February 2021, the people of Myanmar have been under attack.  

The military takeover has brought poverty, death and untold suffering to people in every part of the country.

Anyone who resists – or is suspected of resisting – the military’s rule is violently punished. Brutal clashes and killings are common. Homes, schools, churches, monasteries and public buildings have been pillaged and burned. Worse still, innocent children have been shot at and killed.  

Peace is a distance memory.

A Jesuit on the ground* in Myanmar reports: 

“People are being abused horribly. Since war was unleashed on the population 18 months ago, the people have known no relief. In the townships and communities where we work, hunger is only too evident.”

Right now, over 1.3 million people are displaced and foreign investors have fled Myanmar, leading to a massive economic collapse. Currently, more than half the population is living below the poverty line, with no end to the violence and deprivation in sight. 

Please donate now to help our Jesuit partners provide vital food, shelter and essential supplies to our sisters and brothers suffering in Myanmar. 

Your donation to the Emergency Action Fund will ensure they can reach more people and provide more life-saving support to help the most vulnerable through these dark days.


There is a sliver of light in the darkness: While the military has blocked access for most international humanitarian organisations, the Jesuits in Myanmar are uniquely placed to provide vital support and supplies to people in desperate need. 

As the Jesuits have been working in Myanmar for many years, they have developed deep connections to local communities.  

So, even though it is risky, they’re now able to deliver essential supplies and provide life-saving assistance to displaced people, and reach those in the most impoverished communities in the slum areas of Yangon. 

With thanks to the Emergency Action Fund, Jesuits can use established and trusted networks, which have been developed over years through Church contacts, to deliver vital help where others cannot – or dare not – go. 

“So many need help, and the challenges are great. We Jesuits are in a unique position to bring relief to desperate people as we work closely with partners on the ground and local Church networks. It can be difficult and even risky to reach some communities who suffer greatly, but we continue to walk with the people of Myanmar, try to nurture hope and give what practical help is possible. We support many communities, but still a lot more can be done.” a Jesuit in Myanmar 

Please click here to donate today and help bring light to the darkness in Myanmar.


Your compassionate gift today to the Emergency Action Fund  provides vital, tangible support: 

  • $80 will provide emergency food and medical packages for a displaced family. 
  • $115 will train a community teacher to lead classes for displaced students in camps.  
  • $150 provides emergency shelter materials for a family forced from their home.
  • $375 will provide learning materials for 30 students forced to study in camps.