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Jesuit Mission is taking part in reducing the spread of COVID-19

The team at Jesuit Mission wish to play their part in reducing community transmission of Covid-19 and protecting our staff, families and friends like you. From Monday 23 March, our North Sydney office will be closed and all staff will be working remotely from home. We are accessible via the telephone (02 8918 4109), email (support@jesuitmission.org.au) and our website (jesuitmission.org.au). We are conscious that many of our community will be staying indoors for longer of periods of time. So, we would love to hear from you – to talk about our projects overseas or even to have a chat with one of our staff or Jesuits. We will strive to maintain a high level of supporter care but we also recognise that some things may take longer than usual as we adapt our work practises for working remotely. We ask for your understanding. Our world is living in uncertain times. At Jesuit Mission, we remain committed to walking alongside our Jesuit partners overseas as they accompany and serve poor and marginalised communities – they still need our solidarity. You all remain in our prayers and thoughts. Stay safe and many blessings. The Jesuit Mission Team.

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