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Legacy of compassion

Thanks to kind gifts left by Jesuit Mission supporters in their Wills, the lives of vulnerable young people in Cambodia are being transformed through educational scholarships.

Before receiving a scholarship to Xavier Jesuit School (XJS), Rany never imagined she’d have the opportunity to complete her schooling. 

"If I wasn’t in this program, I may have already stopped studying,” she says.

Like many in her rural community in northern Cambodia, Rany’s family has faced many challenges.

With little education, her parents worked tirelessly to provide for the family, often crossing the border to work in Thailand for extended periods.

But thanks to the scholarship she received four years ago, Rany is now getting the education  she needs to build a pathway out of poverty  for her and her family.

With the inspiring objective “Dare to Dream of a Brighter Future”, XJS was founded in 2015 by our local Jesuit partner Jesuit Service Cambodia.

The school offers more than 800 students in one of the poorest regions of Cambodia affordable,  comprehensive education across the full Cambodian curriculum, including English,  Khmer, maths and computer studies.

For scholarship students, like Rany, the costs  of food, accommodation, school fees, and uniforms are funded by bequest gifts from  Jesuit Mission supporters like you, allowing students to fully participate in school without placing any financial burden on their families.

Now in Year 12, Rany has been thriving at XJS, regularly receiving class honours. She plans  to go on to study Khmer Literature at university and one day become a middle school teacher.

"I hope I can return to my village and share my knowledge. I want to do this because I know not many kids in my village have the opportunity to learn." she says.

We are deeply grateful to every compassionate person who has left a gift in their Will  to Jesuit Mission. The impact of their  legacy is profound and will be felt for generations to come by students like Rany,  her family and community.

Click here to learn more about leaving your own legacy, or for a confidential discussion, you can contact Susan Vaz on 02 8918 4109 or susan.vaz@jesuitmission.org.au

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