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Helping the Jesuits shine light on Myanmar

It’s been over two years since the military coup in Myanmar, where violence overpowered the democratically elected government. Peaceful protestors at the time were shot at and killed and thousands have been wrongly imprisoned. The crisis continues to escalate as women and children, especially those from ethnic minority groups, are targets of military raids and aerial assaults.

As more people are in desperate need, conditions become tougher. Millions are hungry and homeless.  Even in the cities, power cuts, water shortages, roadblocks, internet shutdowns and security risks are daily realties.

Despite the circumstances, while most humanitarian organisations have been blocked by the military, our Jesuit partners continue working covertly, with great discretion, to bring comfort and relief to many communities.

Recently, the Jesuits assisted a community of religious sisters living in an area of extreme poverty and conflict to continue to give safe shelter to children in their hostel and allow them to go to school.

“Many children have been forced to drop out of school due to poverty. Our aim is to give practical support to displaced young people, particularly the girls who are in danger. At the moment, 85 children live at the convent so they can attend school. We supply beds and classrooms but we need help to pay the teachers salaries, provide daily meals and buy textbooks and stationery. We would also like to teach some music and sewing skills. We have sewing machines and teachers, but we are in need of some instruments and some fabric," said one of the religious sisters.

With your support our partners are bringing light and hope in Myanmar’s darkest period.

“All the darkness in the world cannot extinguish the light of a single candle," said Pope Francis.

Your support of Jesuit Mission’s Emergency Action Fund allows Jesuits on the ground to deliver vital supplies where others would not dare to go.

The Jesuits in Myanmar are distributing food, medicine, tarpaulins and blankets to displaced people, and are funding micro-credit loans and livelihood grants to vulnerable families across the country.

“It can be difficult and even risky to reach some communities who suffer greatly, but we continue to walk with the people of Myanmar and nurture hope. We support many communities, but still with your support, a lot more can be done," said a Jesuit on the ground.

It's thanks to your support that our Jesuit partners can provide emergency assistance to communities in Myanmar that need it most. If you’d like to contribute to the Emergency Action Fund and support vulnerable communities in need around the world please click here.


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