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A passionate appeal: Peace is a Pilgrimage; Let us join together

An appeal for peace from religious leaders in Myanmar: Cardinal Charles Bo, Archbishop Marco Tin Win, Archibishop Basilio Athai

Dear People of Myanmar, State and Non-State stakeholders.

Peace be with you all.

As leaders of major religions/faiths in Myanmar, we make this passionate appeal for peace, urging that all of us need to undertake the pilgrimage of peace.

The recent months have seen great threats to the sacredness of human life, the lives lost, the lives displaced, and the lives under starvation. In a country blessed with so many great resources, the destruction of lives is a heart wrenching tragedy.

Increasingly the places of worship and monasteries, where communities sought peace and reconciliation are themselves under attack and carnage. International instruments like the Hague Convention call for the protection of places of worship, places of learning, and places of healing. With pain and anguish, we ask why these sacred places are attacked and destroyed.

As a nation, we need to heal. Healing comes through our deep sense of interrelatedness. Places of worship to promote this interdependence, leading to peace. When they are burnt mercilessly returning to normalcy becomes a great challenge.

As leaders of the various faith traditions, our passionate plea to all stakeholders in Myanmar, is we have suffered enough as a people, let all guns fall silent, let us reach out to all, as brothers and sisters and start the sacred pilgrimage of peace - united as a nation and as a people.

Peace is possible, peace is the only way.

With prayers for peace and reconciliation,

On behalf of religious leaders.

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