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Pilgrims 100 raise $85,000 for Timor-Leste water project

The Adelaide collective giving group known as Pilgrims 100 has raised $85,000 for the Jesuit Mission-supported water project, that is installing clean and safe water facilities in remote communities in Timor-Leste.

Run by our partner Jesuit Social Service (JSS) Timor-Leste, the water project helps bring life-changing new water systems to remote villages in Timor-Leste, which is vital in a country where one-third of people in rural villages do not have access to water.  

The burden of collecting water often falls to children, who have to walk up to five hours each day, carrying heavy containers of water. 

This is an exhausting task for children and as a result they are unable to focus in the classroom and many give up on their studies.

Children in Tocoluli village celebrate the inauguration of clean water.

Jesuit Mission has been supporting the water program for the past three years and during this time JSS has brought clean water to more than 12 villages!   

Last week at an Awards Night held on Zoom, Pilgrims 100 members voted to support the water project, which is currently transforming the lives of thousands of vulnerable people.  

Pilgrims 100 is an inspiring initiative launched by St Ignatius' Norwood parishioners, alumni and friends in 2020 in partnership with Jesuit Mission. The concept is that each member gives $1,000, the funds are then pooled and the members vote on which Jesuit Mission program will receive the funds.

If you would like to be involved in Pilgrims 100 to support programs like this, please contact Pilgrms 100 co-founders James Hill and Genevieve Hill 0412 163 142 or pilgrims100@ jesuitmission.org.au.

Children in Rematu village celebrate the inauguration of clean water.

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