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Shelter and hope for 10 families

In the heart of Yangon, Myanmar, a campaign to rid the city of its slums sent shockwaves through the urban landscape in 2022.

Demolition crews erased entire areas, leaving countless slum dwellers without homes, their lives upended in an instant.

One of these affected communities had been home to families who had fled the devastating aftermath of Cyclone Nargis in 2008.

These migrant families sought refuge for years in the city.

With only a week’s notice to vacate their homes, some families managed to find new places to live, however, 10 families were unable to afford relocation.

These vulnerable families struggle to survive day-to-day, so in their hour of need, the Jesuits in Myanmar stepped in to offer a helping hand.

They provided land where the families could then build temporary shelters, a small glimmer of hope in their time of crisis.

"We're filled with gratitude for donors, volunteers so kind. In our darkest hours, your support, a beacon, we did find. Now, each family and child can rest through the night, in these new homes, your kindness, a guiding light. We'll hold your help dear, in our hearts, it will stay, with prayers of thanks, for you, we'll always say." said a mother whose family received temporary shelter.

In the midst of adversity, the community came together, finding strength in unity and hope in the compassion of others.

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