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Thank you from Timor-Leste

In the hope of bringing you some joy, we’d like to share some good news stories! Thanks to your generous support, we’ve been able to reach out to those people who have been most vulnerable and affected by COVID-19 in countries like India, Myanmar, Timor-Leste and Cambodia.

Our Jesuit partners in Timor-Leste have been visiting the most severely affected areas in the country to distribute emergency food and essential supplies to the vulnerable families. These families were so relieved to receive rice to feed their hungry children and grandchildren. They wish to thank all our supporters who made this emergency relief possible. Here are some messages of their gratitude.

"As a widow with two children and four grandchildren I am grateful for the generosity of the donor that has given us rice, oil and noodles. My grandchildren can eat rice now for a change instead of cassava and corn all the time. We really need these [supplies] for the month especially during this emergency situation".

"I'm a handicapped person and during this emergency situation I have to survive with just cassava and with whatever my neighbours in my community give me. What I'm receiving today is too heavy for me to carry but neighbour will help me carry them to my house. Thank you very much and God bless those who are very kind to give me these food items".

"I am still strong to do woodcrafting, but during this state of emergency, we cannot sell our goods to make money to buy food for our family. We have to survive with whatever we have. So, I just want to thank the donor that knows our condition especially during this Coronavirus situation".

And, here are some more photos from the emergency relief distribution.

Thank you for your ongoing support of Jesuit Mission – it’s thanks to you that our partners like the Jesuit Social Service in Timor-Leste can work to ease the suffering of our vulnerable brothers and sisters during this pandemic.

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