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Milk for malnourished children in Vietnam

Thanks to your generosity, 8,000 at-risk children in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam received emergency food packages and milk.

For three months in 2021, Ho Chi Minh City was in complete lockdown, where residents were forbidden from leaving their homes – even to shop for food, or exercise. Soldiers enforced stay at home orders and helped with limited food deliveries. 

These restrictions to control the spread of COVID 19, since lifted, forced millions of migrant workers out of employment and into emergency levels of poverty and hunger. Mothers were struggling to feed their babies because of poor diet, leaving thousands of children malnourished.

In response, the Jesuits in Vietnam launched the Charity Rice and Food Supplies project to support hundreds of families in crisis in the Southern Provinces of Vietnam and help them survive.

The project was implemented through a great collaboration of lay volunteers, religious sisters and brothers, and trained social workers, all of whom were willing to serve vulnerable communities together during an intense period of the pandemic.

In addition, the project supports many elderly people by providing them with food, rice, milk and soup.

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