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Displaced yet determined to study

In Myanmar, a land marred by ongoing violent political conflict and the devastating natural disaster of Cyclone Mocha, there is a glimmer of hope that shines brighter than ever, thanks to your unwavering generosity.

Meet Jar Nuu, a 12-year-old with a heart full of dreams, who attends Palana High School in 5th grade. She shares a humble dwelling at Palana Camp for internally displaced people, with her family, including two younger brothers and one younger sister. It's a camp they've called home since Jar Nuu was just a month old.

Jar Nuu's parents, although lacking formal education themselves, understand the importance of giving their children the best opportunities they can.

“I believe that my parents are my real heroes who give their lives for the sake of their children," she says.

In 2021, guided by her parents' vision, Jar Nuu joined the Community Learning Support Program (CLSP), run by our partner Jesuit Refugee Service (JRS) Asia Pacific. This decision marked the beginning of a transformative journey for her.

The CLSP not only educates young displaced children in the camps, it also serves as a safe space where they can play games, engage in activities, and develop their self-confidence.

She went from being timid to confidently speaking, singing, and dancing in front of others.

Jar Nuu's enthusiasm to learn extended to a summer program offering English and Kachin language classes, as well as music lessons. Through this, she improved her English skills, learnt to appreciate her mother tongue and realised her passion for teaching.

“I discovered my passion for learning English and dream to become an English teacher someday. I want to open an English school for children who, like me, cannot afford to pay for tuition," she says.

Emergency food and medicine being delivered to rural villages. 

In the midst of displacement and adversity, JRS Asia Pacific, with your support is uplifting the lives of vulnerable children and their families in a dark period in Myanmar’s history.

Today in Myanmar, many people are living in makeshift camps, struggling to access essential healthcare, food, shelter, and basic necessities. The Jesuits in Myanmar are responding by not only providing medical aid but also food, shelter, livelihood support, psychological assistance, and education.

Despite the political challenges, vital education classes continue in times of emergency to empower the next generation. 

Last year, they assisted over 22,000 displaced people with food, medicine, and shelter. This year, they've continued their emergency efforts, establishing pop-up emergency schools, micro-credit programs, and providing shelter to families whose homes were destroyed.

“In Myanmar’s current context, our pastoral task is to welcome, protect, comfort, encourage and nourish hope and livelihood, without discrimination of identity or religion," said a Jesuit on the ground whose identity is protected due to the current political situation in Myanmar.

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You can make a difference.

With just a $40 Gift for Change, you can help five displaced people in Myanmar receive medical kits, offering a lifeline of hope.

Your act of kindness will shine brightly in the darkest corners of Myanmar, bringing hope, health, and happiness to children like Jar Nuu and countless others who long for a better tomorrow. Your gift is a promise of transformation, independence, and empowerment.

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