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The Befriend Towards Dignity During Refuge project supports people who have fled the dangers of their home country to seek a safer life in Indonesia.
Since the Australian Government withdrew its support of asylum seekers and refugees in Indonesia, vulnerable people are relying on organisations like us. These people receive no support from the Indonesian government for shelter, food, employment opportunities, healthcare or education. Since the policy shift, hundreds of people have been sleeping on the streets fending for themselves with no money to their name. Our partner, Jesuit Refugee Service (JRS) Indonesia, is stepping in to provide support where it is needed most through the Befriend Towards Dignity During Refuge project. With your generous support of Jesuit Mission, you are helping JRS Indonesia to meet basic survival needs for the refugees who are living independently in Bogor and Jakarta, such as financial support for food, rent, and access to health services. JRS Indonesia are also working hard to provide refugees with access to better protection. That means advocacy works to push the Indonesian government towards just policies and practices – so vulnerable adults and children can feel safer. Many asylum seekers and refugees in Indonesia have professional skills to offer, but they have no hope of gaining employment in a community that rejects them. JRS Indonesia is supporting skilled asylum seekers and refugees to access livelihood and income opportunities by connecting them with companies and organisations willing to accommodate them. This means marginalised people can become self-reliant with the ability to provide for their families.
Rohingyas from Myanmar in Banda Aceh, Indonesia by Otto Ferdinand.
“JRS is targeting refugees living independently in the community, of which more and more are running out of savings with only limited support and livelihood options… Most Indonesians are not aware of refugees in their country. If they learn about them, there can be a lack of understanding and suspicion that they are terrorists and criminals.”
-Thomas Aquinas Maswan Susinto SJ, Jesuit Refugee Service Indonesia    
Your support means vulnerable people seeking refuge in Indonesia can have the opportunities they need to live a safe life with dignity. Thank you!  
Our programs could reach many more people through your generous financial support. Thank you for accompanying us on our mission.