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Fe y Alegria (FyA) is a Jesuit educational movement, founded in Venezuela nearly 70 years ago. Since its foundation, FyA has expanded across Latin America and more recently in Asia and Africa, led by Entreculturas in Spain.
FyA focuses on the inclusion of the most marginalised by improving access to quality education and supporting teacher training. FyA in Cambodia is still in the early stages of formation and focuses on three key areas; students, parents and teachers. Students study English, IT, Khmer traditional music and dance, community library and leadership. Parents gain access to adult literacy, birthing and parenting classes. Teachers become part of the library project, teacher training workshops and ecology awareness. Focus areas for the program include broadening collaboration between Xavier Jesuit School and public schools, and cultivating youth leadership for the service of others. The new FyA Centre is based at the Xavier Jesuit School campus, and plans to become an education hub to empower both neighbouring communities and remote rural areas. The program will provide quality training workshops that meet the needs of local residents and expand to more rural schools and communities over time.