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Bringing healthcare to remote communities

Sr Eliza Fernandes RJM providing medical supplies to remote communities.

For many people living in the remote areas of Timor-Leste, there is no access to healthcare. It means painful ailments go untreated, serious conditions are detected too late, children are undernourished and not immunised, and women give birth without professional help.

Sr Eliza Fernandes RJM has dedicated extraordinary efforts to make healthcare accessible for remote communities. She shared her experiences helping to set up a vital health clinic - highlighting the incredible impact supporters like you are making.

“It was with great joy that I came to Timor-Leste to be of service to the people of this land. I was happy to be part of Jesuit Social Service in the Public Health Care Service Project at Kasait, in Liquica District from 2014. The Lord gave me the opportunity to be there from the beginning of the construction of the clinic, Centro De Saude Daniel Ornelas.”

Sr Eliza RJM, Director of CSDO.

In 2017, thanks to the generosity of St Vincent’s Health Australia, Centro De Saude Daniel Ornelas,  officially opened its doors as a fully functioning health clinic with a qualified doctor, nurse, and helpers to serve the community of Liquica District.

“This was a dream come true for the Society of Jesus and a hope for the people of Ulmera and neighbouring villages. It was very interesting to listen to people as they came to the clinic with different sicknesses - physical, emotional, and psychological problems. To help them to cope with their life’s situation was a consolation to me.”
Sr Eliza

Sr Eliza providing medical attention.

To reach people in the most neglected areas, Sr Eliza has also been venturing out with our mobile clinic delivering health support. These are places only accessible by bad roads where families live without clean water or electricity – and the need for healthcare is enormous.

“These people have nothing to give but to see the joy on their faces when we visit encourages us to care for the life which God has given to us.”
Sr Eliza

Supporters like you are making sure no one gets left behind. You’re helping people in the hardest-to-reach places of Timor-Leste to receive lifesaving healthcare. Thank you!

Sr Eliza (back right) with school students, who are learning standard hygiene precautions and how to be COVID safe.   

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Let us join together in the prayer for Service, written by Fr Michael Hansen SJ, National Director of the First Spiritual Exercises Program.

Posted 26 February 2021

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