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Caring for her community

Georgina (right) providing medical assistance
at the parish clinic.

Georgina, a 26 year-old nurse, is dedicated to supporting her community in Railaco, Timor-Leste and has been working for the mobile medical clinic there for almost two years.

As a scholarship graduate of the Jesuit-run secondary school NOSSEF (Escola Secundaria Católica Nossa Senhora de Fátima), Georgina’s education inspired her to take on a career in nursing and help the most vulnerable.

“Our teachers (at NOSSEF) were very dedicated and they wanted us to be someone who could really contribute to society.”

After graduating in 2012, Georgina eagerly studied nursing for seven years at the National University of Timor Lorosa’e (UNTL).

Today she works alongside Fr Martin Antonio “Bong” Abad Santos SJ, a Filipino doctor who has been running the mobile medical clinic with the Jesuits in Timor-Leste since it began in 2004.

Thanks to your generosity, the support of St Canice’s Parish Kings Cross and last year South Australian group Pilgrims 100, the mobile medical clinic goes to 12 stations in remote villages in Railaco, providing medicine and medical assistance.

“Normally we go to 2 to 3 different locations per day. In one location, sometimes we treat up to 100 patients per day.”
“Even the people that live far away from Railaco also come to seek our medical treatment because they heard that our clinic offers good medical assistance.”

The mobile medical clinic has been running since Georgina was very young and she is thrilled to work with Fr Bong to help her friends and fellow residents in Railaco.

“If there is an opportunity to study more, I am open to it. But now I just want to work here and help as many people as I can,” she said. Georgina
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