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One Foot Raised

Students of St Aloysius' College walk in solidarity.

This year we invite you to follow in the footsteps of St Ignatius the Pilgrim, to walk in the month of July with One Foot Raised.

One Foot Raised is Jesuit Mission's new supporter event, where participants will be challenged to walk and raise funds for Jesuit Mission using a peer-to-peer online platform.

You can take part as a school, a parish, a group of friends or you can take on the challenge personally and set your own pace as an individual.

You can walk in one day, in one week, or spread it out over one month during July.

This is an opportunity to draw further inspiration from St Ignatius the Pilgrim.

St Ignatius himself described the ideal leader as living with "one foot raised," moving always into new lands and new cultures, ready to step forward and respond to human need and suffering in the world. 

We walk because Ignatius walked, we walk because Jesuit Missionaries walk alongside the marginalised and we walk because many children in Jesuit Mission supported schools walk long distances each day to gain a quality education.


Get involved today

Take action today and help empower women, men and children living in the margins
to live full and free lives.

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