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An innovative digital inclusion program is giving camp-bound refugees in Malawi the skills they need to compete in the global online job market.

Disadvantaged and confined to a refugee camp, Stany couldn’t earn a living. 

Now he can compete for work against anyone, anywhere in the world and support himself independently. 

With your important support we can enrol another 60 students into the life-changing Digital Inclusion Program in 2021.  

Together we can help more people like Stany step out of the margins and into the global workforce.   

It’s extraordinary to see how the Digital Inclusion Program is changing the lives of refugees in the Dzaleka Refugee Camp in Malawi. 

For 30 year old Stany, the program has been nothing short of transformative. 

After fleeing violence and conflict in his home country of Democratic Republic of Congo, Stany arrived at the Dzaleka camp.

“Being alone and without any financial assistance, it wasn’t easy.”
Stany outside the Jesuit Refugee Service Malawi, Arrupe Learning Centre.

Stany is one of almost 47,000 refugees and asylum seekers that live crowded together at the Dzaleka camp, which was originally designed to accommodate just 1,000 people.  

Conditions are extremely difficult and movement outside the camp is restricted, which means there are very limited opportunities to work. As a result, most refugees live well below the poverty line and must depend on food rations.  

For the vast majority, their stay at Dzaleka will not be short. The average wait for resettlement is around 21-26 years.  

To respond to this ongoing need, our local partner Jesuit Refugee Service (JRS) Malawi, developed the hugely successful Pathfinder Digital Inclusion Program. This innovative program trains participants in highly marketable digital skills they can use to enter the global online job market. This allows camp-bound refugees to generate immediate income, and establish long-term livelihoods. 

“This program is rewriting the narrative of refugees.”
Fr David Holdcroft SJ, JRS Education Specialist and Founder of the Digital Inclusion Program

Thanks to the compassionate support of people like you, participants use up-to-date computers and software programs, and learn skills in areas including graphic design, document layout, data analysis and more. 

The program offers refugees like Stany a way to work in a global context, unhindered by their status as refugees.  

“Our graduates are now working and competing with the best in the world – they're no longer refugees when they're doing that."
Fr David Holdcroft SJ

With your help we can open up a world of opportunity to more refugees in the Dzaleka Refugee Camp.  

Please, help enrol 60 new students into the life-changing Digital Inclusion Program in 2021.


Stany was part of the first group of participants in the Digital Inclusion Program in 2019. Along with his classmates, Stany completed the foundational course and then moved on to practical training that helped him get experience finding and completing freelance jobs for international clients using platforms like Upwork and Fivrr.  

Stany graduated top of his class and he’s been able to generate a steady income using his new business and digital skills. He frequently wins freelance jobs in three main areas: translation, writing and administration support.  

Course graduates like Stany, who previously had no opportunity to make a living at the Dzaleka camp, now earn an income that brings independence and dignity. They can now buy food, improve their living conditions and invest in items like bicycles that can be used to transport goods for further income.  

Graduates of the Digital Inclusion Program.

“I have learned that life is more than being a refugee, relying on food rations, and waiting for resettlement.”

“The opportunity that the Digital Inclusion Program offered me allows me to earn my financial freedom by being self-employed online. My life is no longer the same.”


The waitlist for the Digital Inclusion Program is full of people like Stany seeking the opportunity to change their lives.  

Please, join us today to help our sisters and brothers surviving in the margins in the Dzaleka camp, to take this step into the global workforce.