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Pilgrims 100

Would you like to be involved in helping marginalised people overseas?
Pilgrims 100 is a new and inspiring initiative by St Ignatius' Adelaide parishioners James and Genevieve Hill and friends, in conjunction with Jesuit Mission. Pilgrims 100 will comprise a group of like-minded South Australians who want to multiply the effect of their donation. It is a very simple concept with 100 people donating $1,000 each, which is then pooled and donated to a Jesuit Mission project overseas. The Pilgrims 100 members, as a group, decide which project will be awarded the funds.

Meet James and Genevieve

James and Genevieve Hill have long been associated with St Ignatius Parish in Norwood and have supported Jesuit Mission for many years. In July 2019 they travelled to East Timor, with a group of parishioners from St Canice's Parish in Sydney and two Jesuit Mission staff. They were inspired by the Jesuits they met and the projects they visited. James and Genevieve returned to Adelaide wanting to do more for Jesuit Mission, not just in East Timor, but wherever the need is greatest. James and Genevieve wish to gather a group of like-minded people who are passionate about helping people living in the margins, and suffering the indignity of poverty and injustice, in overseas countries where Jesuit Mission works.
“Our hope is that Pilgrims 100 will establish a strong supporter base with a continuing presence for Jesuit Mission here in South Australia.”
– James and Genevieve Hill, Pilgrims 100 founders
In light of the current COVID-19 pandemic, Pilgrims 100 Information Evening is postponed until further notice. However, for more information about Pilgrims 100, please contact James and Genevieve Hill via pilgrims100@jesuitmission.org.au

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