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Pilgrims 100 is an inspiring initiative launched by St Ignatius' Norwood parishioners, alumni and friends in 2020 in conjunction with Jesuit Mission.

It is a group of like-minded people who want to multiply the effect of their donation and see its direct impact on a worthy project.

It is a very simple concept with 100 members donating $1,000 each with the goal of raising $100,000 for a Jesuit Mission project overseas.

Once the Pilgrims 100 members have chosen the winning project each year, they will then be kept updated on the impact of their donation. There may also be the possibility of visiting the successful project at a future date. 

Winning Project 2023

The winning project for this year is Choice Number 2, Cambodia: Light of Mercy (Phnom Penh) and Vietnam: Construction High Tech water filter systems for coastal residents. Thank to those who voted at the Third Annual Awards Evening. 

We are pleased to share with you, program updates from the Light of Mercy Project in Cambodia and the Construction of Clean Water Systems in Vietnam that Pilgrims100 are supporting in 2023.

Click here to read a program update of Cambodia: Light of Mercy (Phnom Penh)

Click here to read the program update of Vietnam: Construction High Tech water filter systems for coastal residents. 

Pilgrims 100 past and upcoming events

Proposed members trip to Jesuit Mission project  -  June/July 2023

2022 Awards Evening  -  8 November 2022

Pilgrims gathering - Update on our projects click here  -  27 May 2022

2021 Awards Evening  click here  -  14 February 2022

Railaco, Timor-Leste Update at One Paddock Winery click here  -  28 March 2021

Thank you Webinar - Railaco, Timor-Leste  -  14 December 2020 

2020 Awards Evenings click here  -  2 & 3 November 2020

Joint Ambassadors of Pilgrims 100

The Honourable Hieu Van Le AC, and his wife, Mrs Lan Le.

How Pilgrims 100 works

  • All members' monies are held in trust by Jesuit Mission.
  • Pilgrims 100 members receive detailed information regarding a shortlist of nominated projects and can vote for their preferred project in November each year. 
  • The group seek out sustainable projects where the money will have a long-term impact. 
  • The funds are awarded to the project that collectively gains the most member votes.
  • Jesuit Mission is responsible for the stewardship of the project and the disbursement of the funds to the winning project. An administration fee is deducted by Jesuit Mission.
  • All donations are tax deductible.
  • Following the selection of the successful project each year, members receive regular updates on the progress and success of the project. They may also have the opportunity to visit the project. This visit is an optional extra at members' own cost. 

For more information contact Committee Members: James and Genevieve Hill 0412 163 142 or pilgrims100@jesuitmission.org.au

Committee Members: James Hill, Genevieve Hill, Elizabeth Boylan, John Carey, Tim Heffernan and Richard Pagliaro.

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James and Genevieve Hill have long been associated with St Ignatius Parish in Norwood and have supported Jesuit Mission for many years.

In July 2019 they travelled to Timor-Leste, with a group. They were inspired by the Jesuits they met and the projects they visited. James and Genevieve returned to Adelaide wanting to do more for Jesuit Mission, not just in Timor-Leste, but wherever the need is greatest.

“Our hope is that Pilgrims 100 will establish a strong supporter base with a continuing presence for Jesuit Mission here in South Australia.”

– James and Genevieve Hill, Pilgrims 100 founders

Click here to join Pilgrims 100 now

E: pilgrims100@jesuitmission.org.au

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