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People are jumping for joy about this bridge!

With the generous funding of a supporter, we’ve been working on the construction of a cable suspension bridge, sixty metres in length, across the river to safely connect the 7,000 people living across both sides. More >
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Jesuit Mission Australia calls you to ‘Stand with Stan’

Jesuit Mission Australia has joined an international group of church groups supporting Fr. Stan Swamy, an 83 year old Jesuit arrested in Ranchi now in jail for doing what he’s done for decades – supporting indigenous tribal people being victimized by bigoted Hindus.More >
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Srey Neang no longer lives in fear

"How will my sister live?" This is a question Hy Buney would often ask herself about her little sister, Srey Neang. She was afraid for Srey Neang’s future, knowing that life would not be easy for her. Then came a ray of hope.More >