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Srey Neang no longer lives in fear

"How will my sister live?" This is a question Hy Buney would often ask herself about her little sister, Srey Neang. She was afraid for Srey Neang’s future, knowing that life would not be easy for her. Then came a ray of hope.More >
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Together, we stand in solidarity with Beirut

In early August, two deadly explosions decimated the port and nearby streets of Beirut. The explosions killed more than 170 people, wounded 6,000 and left nearly 300,000 people homeless.More >
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Helping young women build a brighter future

On the evening of the 12th August, we successfully held our first Gratitude Webinar. Korean Jesuit, Fr Jinhyuk Park joined the webinar to share his experiences of working and living through a global pandemic at Xavier Jesuit School (XJS) in Cambodia.More >